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First off this site uses cascading style sheets because I wanted to see what all they did, so for best results your web browser should be able to understand CSS. Oh, and if you are looking at this in 8bit or worse color depth and don't like the colors, it's time for you to upgrade.

This is a response to all those who say I don't watch good movies and that I like cartoons...
You know there are many people who like some of the movies that I have, I actually have some good movies.  Really I do, I have good movies.  Not all the movies I have are cartoons, some of them are but not all.  Even cartoons can be good movies, we all need cartoon, without cartoons what would kids do on saturday mornings?  I'll tell you, they would get into trouble, so you see cartoon are not only good for kids but good for the whole country, no, the whole world!  So, here I sit, crying for the cartoons that no adult wants, its so sad, so unfair, so undeserved.  Am I the only adult that likes cartoons?  I don't think so, true, most of us have been locked away from the rest of society to protect it and all that it stands for, still we resist and tell all we see about the joys of watching cartoons.  So you see cartoons are fun and enjoyable and keep the world safe from the adults that watch cartoons, and the children who don't.
This is for all those who said I would just make some neat graphics and not do anything else.
I made the graphics, then I continued and made a webpage and stuff so there.

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